A Level Standard

Practice Questions and Solutions

For each of the topics below there is a set of A level questions.

After each question there is a link to the solution of that question - together with comments where necessary to explain the marking.

All of the questions used are old A level examination questions.

I hope you will find them useful when you revise!

If you are looking for multiple choice questions please

Capacitors: multple choice - short answer  
Carbon Dating  
Characteristic Curves: filament lamp; ohmic conductor; thermistor; semiconductor diode
Circular Motion - multiple choice
deBroglie calculations  
Diffraction : Multiple Choice Questions / Structured Questions  
Electric Fields- flipbook format
Feynman Diagrams  
Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory  
Gravitational fields - multiple choice / structured questions
Kinetic Theory and Gas Laws - multiple choice / structured questions
Interference - multiple choice  
Magnetic Fields - structured questions
Mass defect - Mass-energy interchange E = mc2 2
Materials - Young Modulus  
Medical Option - the EAR
Medical Option - the Endoscope
Medical Option - the EYE
Medical Option - Ultrasound
Medical Option - X-rays
Newton's Laws - including equations of motion 2
Nuclear radius  
Quantum effects - Energy levels in atoms - Photoelectric effect  
Resistivity 6
Rutherford Scattering Experiment  
Simple Harmonic Motion : Multiple Choice / Structured
Total Internal Reflection  
Waves - multiple choice - Standing waves  
Wave-particle duality  
Units and Measurements: Multiple Choice  
Young Modulus 2
Young's Slits : Multiple Choice Questions / Structured  

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