A Level Specific Heat Capacity Questions

You may wish to try out the GCSE latent heat questions first... to get into the swing!

Q1. Kinetic theory of gases, electricity and SHC 11 marks
Q2. Graph plotting and interpretation 10 marks
Q3. Immersion heater 4 marks
Q4. SHC Experiment - SHC and latent heat 8 marks
Q5. Ice tray - SHC and latent heat 6 marks
Q6. Heater - SHC air 6 marks
Q7. Cyclist - SHC of brake blocks 6 marks
Q8. Runner - sweating - SHC 8 marks
Q9. Lead shot in a tube exeriment 7 marks
Q10. Experiment to determine the temperature of a bunsen flame. 6 marks
Q11. Cooling drinks using ice 6 marks
Q12. Melting lead. 4 marks


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