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Cyberphysics is the culmination of my experimenting at putting work on the web for my students when I began teaching in the 1990s. Over the past two decades I have built up resources that I have used in lessons and set for my own students. These are available for you to use, in whatever capacity you need to make use of them.

Now that I am retired I will no longer be using any of the material I worked hard to develop. I therefore am happy to think that they will still be of use! I make no charge for my materials, but now I am on a pension I would be happy to recieve any small donation you 'feel led' to make in thanks for the materials you glean from my site - as the graphic says - a donation that is the equivalent of buying me a 'thankyou' cup of coffee would be gratefully recieved!

My site is designed to be used primarily by students of physics, but over the years parents have written to me to thank me for putting the resource on the web, as they found it useful to brush up on their knowledge in order to help their offspring study for examinations.

Trainee teachers will find a lot of useful resouces on here, as will over-worked teachers and class-room assistants.

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