KS5 Physics Revision - AS/A2 Level Standard


At my school I taught AQA syllabus A - therefore the first interactive syllabuses on this site were created for students of that board.

Due to the 'pandemic' and many of you studying from home I am in the process of updating this section to incorporate the new syllabuses from several boards.....


Here is the AQA Syllabus 7407/8

Here is the OCR Syllabus A

Practice questions

For each of the topics covered there is a set of A level questions. After each question there is a link to the solution of that question - together with comments where necessary to explain the marking.

All of the questions used are old A level examination questions.

Click here to go to this resource.

Useful pages for new 'A' level Students

Practical experiments

ICT in Physics

Practical Vocabulary List - pps   doc

Background reading for the Particles Section:

There is a particles section of Cyberphysics (see main menu bar on the left) and this contains most of the notes on this section from when I taught it a couple of years ago.

The particle adventure site is very good, I have referred students to that for many years - take a look at that.

Past Paper Resources

Above are links to the past papers supplied by the examination boards.