OCR Level 3

Advanced GCE A Level in Physics A

H556 Specification

The content of Module 1 is taught as you develop your practical skills throughout the course. By the end of your course you should have a good grasp of error management and estimation, presentation and interpretation of data, and how the number of significant figure you quote relates to your method and instrumentation.

Your practical skills are reported on by your teacher, but also examined within the content of the examination papers - so using the correct number of 'sig figs' in a calculation, designing and experiment, analysing given results and making a concludion from them will be done under examination conditions - in all of the three written examination papers.

Module 2 includes all of the basics - you need those for all of the themed modules. You should ensure you know them really well - they are the foundations that your understanding of physics topics will rest upon - and tools that you will use all of the time, This module will be studied thoughout the course and examined in all three written examination papers.

Units matter! You need to know the units and their abbreviations.

S.I. Prefixes must be known.... case of letters matter.... a MJ is 109 times the size of a mJ....


Now we are getting to the content 'nitty gritty'...

Module 3
Forces and motion - assessed in written papers 1 and 3
Forces in action
Work, energy and power
Newton's laws of moton and momentum


Module 4
Electrons, waves and photons - assessed in written papers 2 and 3
Charge and current
Energy, power and resistance
Electrical circuits
Quantum physics


Module 5
Newtonian world and astrophysics - assessed in written papers 1 and 3
Thermal physics
Circular moton
Gravitational fields
Astrophysics and cosmology


Module 6
Partcles and medical physics - assessed in written papers 2 and 3
Electric fields
Nuclear and partcle physics
Medical imaging