GCSE questions on refraction and TIR

This is a link to questions that are more taxing than GCSE standard questions. They are suitable for those taking 'O' Level or 'A' Level physics or for very able pupils who want a challenge.... for standard GCSE level questions continue on this page.


Q1. Refraction - rectangular block - graph interpretation
8 marks
Q2. Refraction - semicircular block - graph interpretation
8 marks
Q3. Refraction - optical cable
8 marks
Q4. Optical cable - graph interpretation
7 marks
Q5. Ripple tank
5 marks
Q6. Total internal reflection - semicircular block
2 marks
Q7. Light travelling through a fibre optic cable
6 marks
Q8. Semicircular block
6 marks
Q9. Refraction through a rectangular block.
11 marks
Q10. Fibre Optic Cable
4 marks
Q11. Refraction experiment
13 marks
Q12. Refraction experiment
10 marks