Pastoral Duties

Pastoral Care is very important at any school. This page relates to the school I teach at but maost of the procedures will have an equivalent at whatever school you are employed in.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to the pastoral care of pupils as you help out the form tutor. as part of this duty you will supervise girls as they go into assemby. You will also be helping out during the 'form period' on the days they do not go into assembly.

Girls are encouraged to take a part in the running of the school. We therefore have a school council to discuss issues.

The happinesss and security of girls within the school environment is paramount. The school has a Whole School Bullying Policy and advises on Cyber-bullying too. Click on the links and read through them.

The form tutor's role is supportive of the student but also should be supportive of the collective. Girls must be encouraged to submit to school regulations. Order marks are issued for those who do not do so.

REGISTER SHEETS Taking the register is one of the legally required duties of a teacher. It is most important that the register sheets are correctly completed (silence from girls) and returned promptly to the School Office after morning and afternoon registration.

LOG BOOKS (Homework Diaries)

These should always be available if a member of staff wishes to see them - an order mark should be issued if they cannot produce it - via a note to form tutor. There is data protection information int the log book relating to permission to publish images of the girls on the website and in publications.

Form tutors check the log books once a week - they check that the girls have dated the page, filled in homework times and added up the total time for that week. They also check that a parent or guardian has signed the log book. the tutor then signs the log book.