Cyber safety advice for students (from guidance issued to schools)

  1. Always respect others – be careful what you say online & what images you send.
  2. Think before you send – whatever you send can be made public and could stay online indefinitely.
  3. Keep your password to yourself. Only give your mobile or personal web-site address to trusted friends.
  4. Block the bully – learn how to block or report someone who is behaving badly. (All UK mobile phone operators have nuisance call centres set up and/or procedures in place to deal with such instances. Similarly social networking sites and Instant Messenger have ‘Report Abuse’ links or contact information on their sites)
  5. Don’t retaliate or reply!
  6. Save the evidence.
  7. Make sure you tell:
  • Your parent/carer, an adult you trust
  • If another student from your school is involved tell your form tutor, Head of Year or another teacher you can talk to.
  • The provider of the service
  • A helpline like ChildLine on 0800 111


Finally, don’t just stand there – if you see cyberbullying going on, support the victim and report the bullying. How would you feel if no one stood up for you ?