GCSE level optics questions - Mirrors and Lenses

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Convex lens - Magnifying glass - ray diagram 7 marks
Convex and concave lenses - ray diagrams 13 marks
Convex lens - ray diagram 5 marks
Mirrors - ray path 5 marks
Convex lens and camera - ray diagram 9 marks
Optical Devices 6 marks
Lenses - ray diagrams 12 marks
Concave lens - ray diagram 5 marks
Convex lens - ray diagram 6 marks
Convex lens - ray diagram 8 marks
Convex lens - ray diagram 8 marks
Plane Mirror - ray path 6 marks
Q13. Car headlight relector - ray diagram 6 marks
Q14. Plane mirrors - periscope - ray path 3 marks
Q15. Lens - made of prisms - ray diagram 11 marks
Q16. Concave lens 8 marks
Q17. Convex lenses 10 marks
Q18. Spectacles and sight correction 7 marks
Q19. Camera and its lenses 15 marks
Q20. Convex lenses - magnification and ray diagram 12 marks
Q21. The eye - defects and sight deterioration with age 15 marks
Q22. Formation of images in lenses 8 marks
Q23. Door security lens 4 marks
Q24. Convex lens 8 marks