GCSE level optics questions

Q17. (a) Ozzy investigates how a lens forms an image of a light bulb.

The image is formed on a screen. Here is the apparatus he used.

(i) Name the process that occurs at the lens to make an image form on the screen.

[1 mark]

(ii) Delete the incorrect image properties from the following sentence:

Light arriving on the screen forms an image which is real/virtual and upright/inverted.

[2 marks]

(iii) The student places an object 2.0 cm tall near to the lens. The image formed on the screen is 3.0 cm tall. Calculate the magnification of the image.

[3 marks]

(b) The diagram on the graph paper shows a ray diagram of a converging (convex) lens with an object. The diagram shows two rays of light leaving the object and reaching the lens.

(i) Complete the diagram to show how these two rays form an image.

[2 marks]

(ii) Mark the position of the image with an arrow.

[1 mark]

(iii) State the name of the two points labelled F on the diagram.

[1 mark]

(Total 10 marks)