GCSE Questions: Forces

Q13. The photo shows a theme park ride called AquaShute.

Riders of the AquaShute sit on a sled and move down a slide.

(a) A light gate and data logger can be used to determine the speed of each rider and sled.

Choose two measurements that are needed to determine the speed of a rider and sled from the box below, by 'ticking' your choices.

Gravitational field strength  
Length of sled  
Mass of rider and sled  
Temperature of surroundings  
Time for sled to pass light gate  

[2 marks]

(b) The decrease in gravitational potential energy of one rider on the slide was 8.33 kJ.

The rider moved through a vertical height of 17.0 m.

Given that the gravitational field strength = 9.8 N/kg, calculate the mass of the rider.

[4 marks]

(c) At the bottom of the slide, all riders and their sleds have approximately the same speed.

Explain why.

[4 marks]

[10 Marks TOTAL]