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Channel 4 broadcast a brilliant program on lightning - read about research on Sprites here

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The following articles have been selected because they will broaden your understanding of the physics we have studied and make you aware of current stories in the national press that relate to scientific matters. How much genuine interest and enthusiasm you have for a subject is examined in the Oxbridge entrance examinations, for which you will be expected to write an essay. Wide background knowledge (or lack of it!) is also evident at interview.

These articles are NOT to be 'learnt' - they are intended to expand the context in which you study detail as outlined in the syllabus. The language in some of them is not 'easy' but you will need to broaden your vocabulary as you study and to be able to tackle such material at university - it is better to start now! Do not try to understand EVERYTHING - you will not! Just expand your appreciation of a topic by taking in some of the points and using them to colour your 'mental picture' of a topic... to give it more depth and perspective!

If you come across a news report or magazine article in your reading that you think will be of interest to the group please let me know... also if an article is no longer help on the magazine/paper's server please tell me.

Mrs. Jones


The Observer Newspaper

Mars: a close encounter - Britons plan celestial parties as Red Planet reaches its nearest point to Earth in 60,000 years

The Guardian Newspaper Articles

Cold water thrown on Mars theory - Lack of minerals shows red planet never had oceans, scientists say

Universe is fading away, say astronomers

Times Newspaper Articles

Channel 5 looks to big names in science as new stars of the small screen

Hopes of finding life on Mars dry up

Articles from Physics World - Institute of Physics Magazine - ask a member of Staff for the latest copy - we keep them in school...

Are the laws of nature changing with time?

George Rochester

Once and future Mars

Particle physics: the next generation

Strongest magnet in the cosmos

New Scientist

New particle is double trouble for physicists