OCR - P3: Electric circuits

P3.1 What is electric charge? (separate science only)
Background to the topic What you should be able to do:

When two objects are rubbed together they become charged, because electrons are transferred from one object to the other.

Electrons are negatively charged.

Objects with similar charges repel, and objects with opposite charges attract.

Around every electric charge there is an electric field; in this region of space the effects of charge can be felt; when another charge enters the field there is an interaction between them and both charges experience a force.

1. Describe the production of static electricity, and sparking, by rubbing surfaces, and evidence that charged objects exert forces of attraction or repulsion on one another when not in contact

2. Explain how transfer of electrons between objects can explain the phenomenon of static electricity

3. Explain the concept of an electric field and how it helps to explain the phenomenon of static electricity