GCSE Questions - Waves

Q8. Starter pistols are used in athletics events to start races. A starter pistol makes a loud bang and produces a puff of smoke.

The diagram shows Buffy and Willow investigating the speed of sound using a starter pistol and a stopclock.

(a) Willow sees the puff of smoke before hearing the bang from the starter pistol. What does this tell you about the speed of sound compared with the speed of light?

[1 mark]

(b) The frequency of the sound wave produced by the pistol was 800 Hz The wavelength of the sound wave was 42 cm Calculate the speed of the sound wave.

[4 marks]

(c) Complete the table below to show the properties of the sound wave at Point B compared with the sound wave at Point A.

Tick one box for each property comparison.

Properties of the sound wave at Point B compared to Point A
greater than
less than
the same as

[3 marks]

(d) A sound wave can be reflected. What name is given to a reflected sound wave?

[1 mark]

(e) Which two of these statements are true for sound waves?

Tick here
Sound waves can travel through a vacuum.  
Sound waves are transverse waves.  
Sound waves are longitudinal waves.  
Sound waves transfer energy.  
Sound waves are electromagnetic waves.  

[2 marks]

(Total 11 marks)