GCSE Questions - Waves

Q7. P-waves and S-waves are two types of seismic wave caused by earthquakes.

(a) Which one of the statements about P-waves and S-waves is correct? Tick one box.

Tick here
P-waves and S-waves are transverse.  
P-waves and S-waves are longitudinal.  
P-waves are transverse and S-waves are longitudinal.  
P-waves are longitudinal and S-waves are transverse.  

[1 mark]

(b) Seismometers on the Earth's surface record the vibrations caused by seismic waves.

The diagram shows the vibration recorded by a seismometer for one P-wave.

(i) Calculate the frequency of the P-wave shown above

[4 marks]

(ii) Write down the equation which links frequency, wavelength and wave speed.

[1 mark]

(iii) The P-wave shown above is travelling at 7200 m/s.

Calculate the wavelength of the P-wave.

[3 marks]

(Total 9 marks)