GCSE Questions: Waves

Bats use the reflection of high pitched sound waves to determine the position of objects. The diagram below shows a bat and an insect flying in front of the bat.

(a) What determines the pitch of a sound wave? [1 mark]

Tick () one box as your answer.

Tick ()


(b) State the name given to reflected sound waves. [1 mark]

c) The bat emits sound waves with a range of wavelengths. Some of the sound waves will be diffracted by the insect.

Complete the following sentences to explain why. [2 marks]

Diffraction is caused by the sound waves _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as they pass the insect. The most diffraction happens when the wavelength of the sound wave is _ _ _ _ _ _ the size of the insect.

(d) The bat emits a sound wave with a frequency of 25.0 kHz and a wavelength of 0.0136 metres.

Calculate the speed of this sound wave. [3 marks]

(e) Sound waves are longitudinal.

Describe a longitudinal sound wave. [2 marks]

(Total: 9 marks)