GCSE Questions: Moments and Centre of Gravity


(a) The diagram shows a lampshade hanging from the ceiling.

Draw an X on the diagram so that the centre of the X marks the centre of the mass of the lampshade.

(1 mark)

(b) Complete the sentence: A suspended object will come to rest with its centre of mass directly _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _the point of suspension.

(1 mark)

(c) Arrange the sentences below into the correct order to describe how the student can find the centre of mass of a thin sheet of irregularly shaped card.

The sequence starts with sentence D and finishes with sentence E.

A A line is drawn on the card marking the position of the string.
B The pin is put through one of the holes in the card and held in the boss.
C This is repeated using the other hole.
D Two holes are made in the card with each hole near to the edge of the card.
E The centre of mass is where the lines cross on the card.
F The weight is tied to the string and then the string is hung from the pin.


(3 marks)

(Total 5 marks)