GCSE Level Questions: Transformers

Q4. The diagram shows how electricity is distributed from power stations to consumers.


(i) What name is given to the network of cables and transformers that links power stations to consumers? (1 mark)

(ii) What does a step-up transformer do? (1 mark)

(iii) Explain why step-up transformers are used in the electricity distribution system. (2 marks)

(b) Most of the world's electricity is generated in power stations that burn fossil fuels.
State one environmental problem that burning fossil fuels produces. (1 mark)

(c) Electricity can be generated using energy from the wind. A company wants to build a new wind farm. Not everyone thinks that this is a good idea.

(i) What arguments could the company give to persuade people that a wind farm is a good idea? (2 marks)

(ii) What reasons may be given by the people who think that wind farms are not a good idea? (2 marks)

(9 Marks Total)