GCSE level optics questions


At night, it is important that the lights of a car can be seen by other drivers but it is dangerous if these lights dazzle them. The diagram shows a rear light of a car.


(i)      Name part A.

(concave) mirror OR (concave) reflector

convex mirror / convex reflector gets no marks - Ideally you would put concave in - but just 'mirror' or 'reflector' would get you the mark.

(1 mark)

(ii)     Name the process which occurs at point B and at point C.


(1 mark)

(b)     A headlamp of a car contains a lens.

The ray diagram shows the position and size of the image, I, of an object, O, formed by a lens similar to the one inside a car headlamp.

Put a tick in the table below to indicate what type of lens is shown in the ray diagram



(1 mark)

The ray diagram is drawn to scale. Calculate the magnification produced by the lens.

(Show all of your working).

Magnification = Size of image/Size of object

= 2/0.5

= 4

Magnification is a ratio - ratios have no unit as the units for the numerator are cancelled by the units for the denominator.

(3 marks)

(Total 6 marks)