GCSE level reflection questions

Q1. (a) Some objects are transparent and some objects are opaque.

(i) Which one of the objects below is transparent?


[1 mark]

(ii) Complete the sentence by choosing a wordfrom the table below:

'An opaque object does not _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ light.

Word to choose from
Tick here


[1 mark]

(b) A student wears a white T-shirt and a red baseball cap to a party.

(i) Explain why the T-shirt looks white in white light. whereas the blue baseball cap appears blue?

[2 marks]

(ii) Explain how the colour of the T-shirt and baseball cap appear to change when the room lights at the party change from white to blue.

[2 marks]

(c) Barry investigated how the type of surface affects the amount of infrared radiation the surface absorbs. The diagram belowshows the equipment that he used.

The metal sheets absorb infrared radiation. The wax melts and the drawing pins fall off the surfaces.

In the investigation there are several variables. Variables can be classifies as control variables, dependent variables and independent variables.

Complete the table to indicate the type of each of these variables:

Variable type
Distance from the metal sheets to the infrared heater.
The surface colour of the metal sheets.
Time taken for the drawing pins to fall off.


[3 marks]

(ii) What is the main hazard in this investigation?

[1 mark]

(iii) The drawing pin attached to the matt black metal sheet fell off first.

What can be concluded from this result?

[1 mark]

(Total 11 marks)