GCSE Questions: Forces


(a) An aircraft travels at a constant velocity.

(i) How is the velocity of the aircraft different to the speed of the aircraft?

[1 mark]

(ii) The diagram shows one of the engines on the aircraft.

Air is taken into the front of the engine and pushed out of the back of the engine.

Explain the effect this has on the engine.

[2 marks]

(iii) Here is a distance-time graph for the aircraft.

Determine the speed of the aircraft.

[3 marks]


(i) Write down the equation that links acceleration (a), change in velocity (Δv) and time taken (t).

[1 mark]

(ii) At a different stage of the flight, the aircraft was travelling at a velocity of 250 m/s.

The aircraft then decelerated at 0.14 m/s2 .

Calculate the time taken for the aircraft to decelerate from 250 m/s to 68 m/s.

[4 marks]


(i) Write down the equation that links distance (s), force (F) and work done (W).

[1 mark]

(ii) When the aircraft landed, it travelled 2.0 km before stopping. The work done to stop the aircraft was 140 MJ.

Calculate the mean force used to stop the aircraft.

[4 marks]

[16 Marks TOTAL]