GCSE Questions: Forces

Q29. The photo shows a theme park ride called AquaShute.

(a) Riders of the AquaShute sit on a sled and move down a slide.

There is a layer of water between the sled and the slide.

Choose from the sentences below to explain how the layer of water affects the friction between the sled and the slide. Tick your choice.

The friction is decreased.  
The friction is increased.  
The friction is not affected.  

[1 mark]

(b) The mass of one rider is 62.5 kg.

The height of the slide is 16.0 m.

If gravitational field strength = 9.8 N/kg, calculate the gravitational potential energy of the rider at the top of the slide.

[3 marks]

(c) At the bottom of the slide the speed of the rider is 12 m/s.

The mass of the rider is 62.5 kg.

Calculate the kinetic energy of the rider at the bottom of the slide.

[3 marks]

(d) When a rider reaches the bottom of the slide, the sled decelerates and stops. Give two factors that will affect how far the sled will move before it stops.

[2 marks]

[9 Marks TOTAL]