GCSE Questions - Forces


(a) Objects can interact in many ways. Pairs of forces arise when objects interact. Write down one type of force involved when objects interact.

[1 mark]

(b) A book rests on a table. Draw a free body force diagram to show the forces acting on the book. Use arrows to represent the forces.

[4 marks]

(c) A teacher uses an air-track for motion experiments. Using the air-track means that there is no friction between the glider and the air-track.

The teacher places the glider on the horizontal air-track and gives it a small push to start it moving. Describe and explain the motion of the glider.

[2 marks]

(d) A presenter on a car TV programme says:

"The car maker has reduced the mass of this car so it now has better acceleration."

(i) Explain why the presenter is correct.

[2 marks]

(ii) A car accelerates from 5m/s to 25m/s in 4 seconds.

Calculate the acceleration of the car.

[3 marks]

(Total 12 marks)