GCSE Questions - Forces

Q30. The diagram shows Kayjay playing with a remote-controlled car.

(a) The graph below shows the distance-time variation for the first 30 seconds of the car's motion.

(i) Describe the motion of the car during the first 30 seconds.

[1 mark]

(ii) Determine the speed of the car 20 seconds after it started to move.

[4 marks]

(b) A different car accelerated constantly from 0.12 m/s to 0.52 m/s.

The acceleration of the car was 0.040 m/s2 .

The work done to accelerate the car was 0.48 J.

Calculate the resultant force needed to accelerate the car.

[6 marks]

(c) Explain why the car has a maximum speed.

[4 marks]

(Total 15 marks)