GCSE Questions: Forces

Q15. The diagram shows an athlete on starting blocks waiting to start a 100 metre race.

(a) Complete the following sentence.

The force from the athlete pushing backwards on the starting blocks is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the force from the starting blocks pushing forwards on the athlete.

Choose the answer from the box:

equal to
greater than
less than

[1 mark]

Here is a distance-time graph for the athlete from the moment the race starts.

Three parts of the distance-time graph are labelled J, K and L.

X represents 'not applicable'

Choose a letter relating to the athlete:

(i) not moving

(ii) moving at constant speed

(iii) decreasing speed

(iv) increasing speed

[2 marks]

(b) What distance does the athlete travel after the end of the race before stopping?

[1 mark]

(c) Calculate the average speed of the athlete between the start and finish of the 100 metre race.

[3 marks]

(d) The athlete runs faster than a typical person. Tick the box that gives the average running speed of a typical person in metres per second.


[1 mark]

[8 Marks TOTAL]