GCSE Questions: Energy Sources


(a) Iceland is a country that generates nearly all of its electricity from renewable sources. In 2013, about 80% of Iceland's electricity was generated using hydroelectric power stations (HEP).

Describe how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station. Include the useful energy transfers taking place. [4 marks]


(b) In 2013 the UK produced most of its electricity from fossil fuels.

Many people in the UK leave their televisions in 'stand by' mode when not in use, instead of switching them off. It is better for the environment if people switch off their televisions, instead of leaving them in 'stand by' mode. Explain why. [3 marks]


(c) A scientist wrote in a newspaper: 'Appliances that do not automatically switch off when they are not being used should be banned.'

Suggest why scientists alone cannot make the decision to ban these appliances. [1 mark]

(Total 8 marks)