GCSE Questions: Energy Sources

Q2. Electricity can be generated using various energy sources.

(a) Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using nuclear power stations rather than gas-fired power stations to generate electricity.

[2 marks]


(i) A single wind turbine has a maximum power output of 2.0 MW.

The wind turbine operated continuously at maximum power for 6 hours.

Calculate the energy output of the wind turbine in kilowatt-hours.

[3 marks]

(ii) Why, on average, do wind turbines operate at maximum power output for only 30% of the time?

[1 mark]

(c) An on-shore wind farm is made up of many individual wind turbines. They are connected to the National Grid using underground power cables.

Give one advantage of using underground power cables rather than overhead power cables.

[1 mark]

(Total 7 marks)