GCSE Questions: Energy Sources

Q1. There is an increasing demand for electricity and the reserve of fossil fuels is decreasing. A way to meet increasing demand for electricity is to build new nuclear power stations. Some people feel that no new nuclear power stations should be built because of the risks associated with nuclear fuels.

(a) Outline the arguments that a scientist working in the nuclear power industry could use to justify the building of more nuclear power stations in the future. (3 marks)

(b) Nuclear waste is a problem that must be dealt with. One possible solution would be to bury the waste deep underground. Suggest one reason why some people are against burying nuclear waste. (1 mark)

(c) Electricity can also be generated using renewable energy sources. Look at this information from a newspaper report.

Suggest why, apart from the declining reserves of fossil fuels, power companies should use more bio-fuels and less fossil fuels to generate electricity. (3 marks)

(Total 7 marks)