GCSE Questions - Electromagnetic Spectrum

Q8.The diagram shows the position of three types of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.

(a) Which letter indicates the position of visible light in the spectrum?

[1 mark]

(b) Which one of the four statements below about electromagnetic waves is correct?

Tick one box.

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Radio waves have a higher frequency than X-rays.  
Radio waves have a longer wavelength than ultraviolet.  
X-rays have a longer wavelength than radio waves.  
X-rays travel faster through the air than ultraviolet.  


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(c) Give one possible danger of exposing your skin to ultraviolet radiation.

[1 mark]

(d) Having an X-ray taken exposes a person to ionising radiation.

The table below gives the average radiation dose for an X-ray of the chest and an X-ray of the upper digestive system.

Part of the body Radiation dose in millisieverts (mSv)
Upper digestive system


The risk of an X-ray causing cancer is about 1 in 20 000 for each mSv of radiation received.

Using the data from the table, compare the risk of developing cancer from having an X-ray of the upper digestive system with the risk from having an X-ray of the chest.

[2 marks]

(Total 5 marks)