GCSE Questions: Static Electricity


(a) The photo shows a student walking on a carpet.

The student becomes negatively charged because of the friction between his socks and the carpet. Explain why the friction causes the student to become charged.

[2 marks]

(b) The student's head is represented by the sphere in the diagram below.

The student is negatively charged. The arrow shows part of the electric field around the student's head. Draw three more arrows on the diagram to complete the electric field pattern.

[1 mark]

(c) The negatively charged student touches a metal tap and receives an electric shock. Explain why.

[3 marks]

(d) Some carpets have thin copper wires running through them. The student is less likely to receive an electric shock after walking on this type of carpet. Suggest why.

[2 marks]

[Total 8 marks]