Questions on Energy Sources

Q5. Meera used the Internet to find out about energy resources.  The drawing below shows what Meera saw on her computer screen.

(a) One of the entries is related to fossil fuels. Coal is a fossil fuel. Give the names of two other fossil fuels.

2 marks

(b) The crossword clue that appears on the screen speaks of 'the most versatile form of energy'. What is this versatile energy form?

1 mark


(i) Wave energy is an example of a renewable energy resource. Name two other renewable energy resources.

2 marks

(ii) Meera found out how wave energy can be used to generate electricity. She saw the diagram below on the Internet.

The table below shows the stages in generating electricity. They are not in the correct order.

The air turns the turbine.
The turbine turns the generator.
The waves move up the chamber.
The generator produces electricity.
The waves push the air up the chamber.

Write the letters of the stages in the correct order.

3 marks

Maximum 8 marks