Revision Flashcards

I find using Flashcards of some form is the best way to put factual information into your memory.

In Physics there is a lot of 'vocabulary' that you just need to learn before you can begin to understand the concepts. Without that basic understanding of the correct terminology you cannot begin to do well.

No understanding is required to learn the facts and flash cards are excellent for that!

There are two 'Flashcard' sites that I have used for my revision cards


Static Electricity

Current electricity

Atomic and nuclear

Forces and movement

Nuclear Power

Basic chemistry of atoms and molecules

Waves revision

Radioactivity 1 - Radioactivity 2 - Radioactivity 3

Below are some links to cyber-revision-cards I have written for the Amazing Flash Card Machine site. These are formulated in the same way as the ones you would make by hand.

You can choose whether to view the cards in the order they were written, backwards or in a random order - you can also choose to look at the answer and think of the question that I wrote to fit it rather than the correct way round!

I am in the process of adding to this list of topics, so keep checking to see what is available - or 'like' the facebook page so you get updates....

Topics to date:

AS Revision for the really old syllabus