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Thinking Skills

This section of the site is designed to make you (whether a student or a teacher) think about 'how you think'!

A student's personality and the personality of the teacher - in fact your personality - affects the way s/he thinks, understands and communicates.

Knowing more about 'how you tick' can aid you at revision time and help you understand why some teachers/students appeal to you and others don't!

Please browse through the pages below and hopefully find something that will help your learn/teach better!

- The brain and thought processes

- Intelligence and IQ

- Left or Right Brain Dominance

- Personality type and studying skills

- What lesson style suits you?

- 'Big Five' Personality Traits

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator

- LSI - Learning Style Inventory

- S.T.R.I.P.E.

- Honey and Mumford System


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