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The Brain and thought processes

This section of the site is designed to make you think about how you think!

You need to get to know 'The Brain'...

How you think affects how you best take in information and process that information in order to learn it. Knowing a bit more about how you think can help you get better grades. Understanding how other people think help you to understand where your teacher or lecturer is coming from - so, hopefully rather than just dismissing a teacher as 'useless' you can encourage them to provide the information in a way you can better relate to.

There is no 'best' personality trait.. but some of them make particular types of learning easier. Your personality is not fixed - you can develop sides of it that you do not naturally strongly possess, your personality also reacts to personal circumstances - depression has an effect on it. You can learn to understand how your mood affects the way you think - and how you learn... and if necessary takes steps to avoid the negative consequences that might follow!.

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