Practice Questions and Solutions

I prepared these pages for those who attended the booster classes this year, but the rest of you might find them useful!

The following hyper-links take you to pages of GCSE standard questions. Each question has a link for you to click to see the solution - and useful comments on how the marks are allocated.

I suggest that you try each question in turn and then look at the mark scheme - that way you will know the sort of emphasis examiners put on keywords etc. for later questions you tackle.


Electricity in the home

Electromagnetic Induction (Electric Generator)

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Energy Transfer - Heat Travel - Insulation

Energy Sources - Biomass, Wind, Wave, HEP, Nuclear, Tidal, Geothermal, Fossil Fuel

Generator (Electromagnetic Induction)

Motor Effect

Optics questions - Lenses and Mirrors



Specific Heat Capacity and Latent Heat

Transformer Questions

Space - satellites, telescopes, redshift

Static electricity


I am in the process of setting this page up. Please be patient. I will be adding more topics soon. It takes a long time to put them in a suitable format for online use.